Euler with Linux

With some restrictions, Euler can be installed under Linux using Wine. The only alternative is to install Euler in a virtual Windows system under Linux.

Ubuntu Virtualbox

This document describes the necessary installation steps for Wine, and the tweaks to make things work properly.

Euler in Ubuntu

You may not have to go through the details, if the following procedure works for you. I tested this on Ubuntu 12.04, the 64bit version. The commands need to be started in a shell, of course.

This should be it. Euler is detecting Linux and adjusting the settings properly. For more details, refer to the following sections. If the installation of Python fails, read the section below.


Wine is an emulator for Windows programs on Linux. If your Linux distribution does not contain the emulator, install it from the repository or the installation medium you used.

Install Euler

Download EulerSetup.exe for Windows and open it with wine. The installer should create two icons on your desktop. You can remove the Windows link, and simply start Euler directly with the Linux link. Euler should start. But Maxima will most likely not work. Try it with a command like "&10!".

Install Maxima

Install Maxima for your Linux distribution. This should create a link "/usr/bin/maxima", which we can use for Euler. Open the Maxima setup in Euler and use


as the start string for Maxima. Now restart Euler. Maxima should work now.


The default antialiasing does not look good in Wine currently. Euler uses a different algorithm for Linux.


The default fonts are not nice in Wine. They might even be proportional. Open the fonts configuration, and choose a mono type CE font for the text window, and an Arial font for the graphics window.

Status Line Help

The status line does also not work in wine. But you can display the help in the title of the text window. To do this, enable the corresponding switch in the program options.

Help in the Browser

This works in recent versions of Wine. If it does not, you can try to use




as your default browser in the settings. You will also need to set the proper directory for the documentation. You can also use the documentation link in the web.


You need to install Latex for your Linux, including dvipng. Try it in a command line. In Ubuntu, install via

sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base
sudo apt-get install dvipng

Then you can set


as your Latex directory.

For Latex, anti-aliasing should be turned off.

Linux Mode

You will have to enable the special mode for Euler under Linux in the program options. This uses a different, less efficient method to wait for the Linux executable to finish.

Install Python

You need to download the Python installer for Python 2.7, 32-bit version, Windows. It needs to be installed in Wine.

On Ubuntu 13, this failed. The installer tries to copy files, but cannot finish the installation. It aborts. The following procedure helped.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.6 winetricks

Then you can install Python 2.7.5 without problems.